Here at London Underground bar we believe that entertainment is the key to a great night out in Prague.

If you are looking for a fun place earlier in the week then stop by on Mondays for our karaoke session and test your own entertainment skills.

Live music is always on the menu at Prague’s number 1 British bar with with some of the best artists in the city providing singalong sessions and party rock, pop and dance anthems most nights of the week.

If you need warming up to put you in the mood before the live music, then our Comedy Cellar on Fridays starts around  20.00 with several stand up routines from local comedians taking you through to our live entertainment around 22.00.

So live entertainment and live music are our theme here at the London Underground Bar in Prague. Don’t miss out on one of the best nightlife experiences in the city, come and see us soon.

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